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RAINBOW 10-in-1 Ballpoint Pens


  • Automatic Retractable Button on Top to Choose
  • Endless Hours of Creativity for Writing and Artwork with Your Choice of 10 Vibrant Colors
  • Forget Huge Messy Sets of Pens, Pencils and Markers When You Can Do All Your Work With This Single Awesome 10-in-1 Ballpoint Pen.
  • Choose Color and Slide to Advance

Writing Instruments Should Be Part of Your Advertising Mix.
Research Proves when you distribute branded pens…
# 99% of recipients will use the pen.
# 92% remember the pen’s brand and/or message.
# 87% like the pen and prefer it over other promotional items

# 98% of recipients of a promotional pen will use it several times per week.
# 83% of promotional pen recipients will use it daily.
# With 68% of recipients, at least 5 other people come into contact with each pen.
# 80% of promotional pen recipients feel a logoed pen enhances the brand of the company.

Promotional Pens Increase Your Message’s Effectiveness at a Low Cost.
# Greatest Message Awareness
# Daily Reminder
# Most Frequent Use
# Best Representation of Companies, Products, and/or Campaigns.


  1. Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apcrtpiaee it.

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